Eyebrow Tattoo Trends in Shapes

What makes Brisbane brow tattooing so appealing?
LET'S BE HONEST: When it comes to brow styling, we've all been through a lot. Some of you were blessed with tremendous hair genes and had bushy brows that you may have desired to flatten, but your mom forbids you from using tweezers in junior or high school.
While others hoped for a miracle to make our brows appear thicker – at least thick enough to be visible on our faces. Not to add the 90-degree humidity brow makeup melting scenario, aka February, Brisbane's most humid month.
As a result, brow tattooing became a beacon of hope for all of us.
You can finally obtain the brow style you've wanted for years.
You, too, may have thick, shapely brows like your favourite celebs, such as Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie. These tattoos aesthetically add solidity to your brows while also making them appear natural.

brisbane eyebrow tattoo

Curved eyebrows

This is one of the most creative and contemporary eyebrow tattoo designs, and it looks great on people of all skin tones and colours. Furthermore, this design gives you an exquisite and imaginative appearance. It's simple to manufacture and available in a variety of styles.

Well-shaped eyebrows

For those with unique needs, the Well Shaped Style has shown to be the most dependable option. You can obtain a natural, sophisticated, and exquisite appearance with your selected shape. You can also select the shape based on your personality and lifestyle.

Tattoo of thin brows

According to cosmetic clinic data, a thin brow is still the most favoured shape. This is due to the thin design giving an appealing and attractive look to the eye area, considerably increasing your appearance.

Aesthetic brow tattoo

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should express your brows with an artistic eyebrow tattoo. Artistically groomed brows can drastically alter your appearance and make you more appealing.

Facts you should consider before getting a brow tattoo

1. Verify the cosmetic tattoo artist's credentials.

This should not be a hasty decision; you will have those brows for the rest of your life (or at least for a few years), so use only the best to make your work of art on your face. Anyone can obtain a certificate; however, you must know how much experience he has and examine examples of his work. You may be confident that if you hire an experienced professional tattoo artist, you will be pleased with the end product. Semi-permanent brows, after all, can last up to three years. You don't want an eyebrow nightmare. Therefore, the cheapest tattoo artist isn't always the best.

2. Look at examples of their work

We recommend speaking with former clients to see if they were satisfied with the results and how long the pigment lasted. Examine their before and after photographs to ensure you like the style of brows the tattoo artist produces. Investigate their website and social media to ensure their clients are satisfied. After all, if the pigment is not applied correctly, it can fade rapidly, be far too dark, or appear clumpy.

3. Learn about the materials used and study the company's health and safety policies.

At Nurse Nyma, we use only certified pigments and single-use disposables and adhere to strict health and safety rules. Working with a licenced esthetician is critical to avoid infection and achieving professional results. Make sure that they are using sterile gloves and equipment.

4. Confirm that you are qualified to tattoo brows.

Cosmetic tattooing is appropriate for most people, young and elderly. An expert's brush stroke tattooing generates simple hair-like lines. People with lighter skin tones can have the colour matched fast, while those with darker skin tones should be cautious. Brush strokes will give you perfectly maintained brows that look natural, even if you have no hair, thin or uneven brows, gaps, or a scar you want to conceal. A brush stroke tattoo might help some ladies enduring cancer treatment or suffering from alopecia restore their confidence following hair loss.

5. Select the appropriate brow colour and design.

When selecting an eyebrow tattoo, use a colour that gives warmth to your face to highlight your skin tone, hair colour, and natural facial features. Various pigment colours are available to fit your hair colour, skin tone, and personal tastes – from subtle to dramatic, just how you like it.
We usually prescribe a darker colour than the client's hair colour at Nurse Nyma since it frames the face and appeals to the eyes.

6. And then there's the thickness.

Do you desire Cara Delevingne's bushy brows or Linda Evangelista's delicate look? The client's facial shape, skin tone, hair colour, and personal preferences determine the appropriate brow thickness during the consultation. Many women like brows that are somewhat darker than their hair colour and have a rich, sophisticated appearance, but others prefer a more subtle, discreet appearance.

7. Consider the overall effect on your face.

Full, well-groomed, and elegant brows may make a significant difference on your face and draw attention to your best features. On the other hand, over-plucked or sparse brows seem quite old-fashioned and can add years to your appearance. As a result, while choosing a brow tattoo, always consider the entire look.

8. Accept the new you

Cosmetic brow tattoos are sometimes known as permanent makeup since they make you appear makeup-free 24 hours a day. Treatments last two to five years before requiring a touch-up. After having a tattoo, accept the new you and continue to improve yourself.

At Nurse Nyma, we strive to keep brow tattoo pricing low without sacrificing quality.
Please contact us right away for additional information.
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