Directory submissions if done correctly can still play an important role as part of a larger SEO campaign.

However, it is important to understand that having links from an SEO directory is no longer sufficient for ranking well with Google, and that publishing innovative and engaging guest posts on relevant websites that link back to your website will go further than submitting to directories.

Some of the popular directories that have been around for a number of years are:

Small Business Search

When it comes to establishing million-page rankings, these directories are the ones that are frequently considered as the best. When questioned why these specific directories were receiving so much traffic, they frequently point to the fact that they are the ones to whom the vast majority of webmasters submit their sites as a reason. Due to the fact that the majority of webmasters are submitting to these directories, and the SEO community frequently adopts this strategy, You will see that many of the sites that appear in the rankings are the result of this strategy.

This is still an effective method of generating traffic, and ranking with these directories is based on the quality and relevance of the content on the site, rather than the number of backlinks your site has, as was the case with directory submissions in the past, which was the focus of the practice.

Don't forget to submit your website to directories in 2018 as part of a bigger search engine optimization plan. You should be submitting to as many directories as possible, and you should be judicious about the ones you choose to send your content to. It's also important to follow the guidelines that these directories use to determine whether or not your submission is appropriate. The only major disadvantage is that these directories are typically quite crowded at the moment. In order to achieve a high ranking, you must first develop a considerable number of links to your site, which is much easier said than done in 2018 because of the increased competition. Additionally, if you are posting to a directory that you are not a member of, you run the risk of being flagged.

Free Online Directory

Google Places

Google debuted a new directory in 2018, and it has proven to be a huge success so far. When it comes to directories, Google Places is one of the most user-friendly, which makes it an excellent place to advertise with Google AdWords. This means that it is an excellent method of obtaining a high position and even more search engine traffic, particularly for lengthier phrases that are not overly competitive with other keywords.

Due to the fact that this is one of the more specialised directories, you can expect the majority of the traffic you receive in 2018 to come from people who are seeking for specific terms and phrases. As a result, the vast majority of visitors to this site will be people who are specifically looking for the products you sell.

Because of this, you should be submitting to Google Places on a regular basis, as well as submitting to other directory sites.

These are the only directories where you have a better chance of a high ranking, as they require a higher quality, as opposed to the other directories that are all popular

seo software

Obtaining a high rating on Google Places is a good indicator of obtaining a high ranking on Google in general.

These directories also provide a tremendous amount of exposure. The number of listings for these terms is roughly 100 at the present, and if your business does not rank in the top 20 for these terms, you are in serious trouble. The result is that pay per click advertising on these directories is among the most profitable on the internet.

In 2018, paid advertisements are the most cost-effective method of driving visitors to your website. In addition, if you are ready to pay per click, you can gain exposure for your website and increase its rankings. If you want to ensure that your website gets visited on a regular basis, this is one of the most effective strategies to do so.

Statistically speaking, people are more likely to visit a website that receives a high volume of traffic. The reality is, however, that it is also more likely to attract visitors who will eventually become customers as a result. As a result, in order to establish yourself as a quality site, you must ensure that you frequent other excellent sites.

In order to accomplish this, you must be cautious when it comes to submitting your website to directories. While doing so, however, you must also take steps to ensure that your name is listed in directories. One of the difficulties with being visible in directories is that you must also ensure that you are listed among the top 20 results.

If you’re looking to improve search engine placement for specific terms, you will need to make sure that you are seen in all of the popular directories

By submitting to a large number of directories, you may increase your exposure, get listed, and attract visitors. However, you must ensure that you are visible to the search engines for those directories as well. By submitting to multiple directories at the same time, you will be able to reap the benefits of all of those directories and maximise their effectiveness. Make sure to submit your site to as many directories as possible in order to ensure that it gets seen by search engines and receives exposure.

In order for search engines to find your site, it must be listed in as many directories as possible. The goal is to ensure that your site is visible to search engines and receives the appropriate amount of exposure. It is also the goal of search engines to have their results displayed to people, therefore the more directories you submit, the more likely it is that your site will be displayed to users. The more the number of times your site is visited by users, the greater the likelihood that you will be visited by search engines as well. The goal of the submission procedure is also to get your website visited by search engine spiders, which is a good thing. Submissions to a large number of directories at the same time will almost certainly result in more spiders visiting your site.

One of the most popular things that people do on the Internet is checking out the backlinks that other sites have

A backlink is just a link to your website that is placed on another website by another webmaster. It can be placed anywhere on a page, in the footer of a page, or even incorporated within the website's code. The backlink itself, the page it was on, and any other websites that have links to your website will all be displayed on a page that you will be brought to when you click on a backlink. Consequently, according to the search engines, “the greater the number of links you have, the better.”

Submissions to a large number of directories will increase your chances of receiving a link from one or more of those directories. Your very own footer on a highly trafficked website or a backlink on a page with only one or two pages could both be examples of this. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it contains a backlink.

As with every ranking factor, backlinks play a vital role in the search engine optimization process. As a result, you can submit to a large number of different directories, but keep in mind that backlinks are ranked depending on a number of different parameters. It takes anywhere from a few minutes to many hours to submit your site to thousands of other websites.

If you have lately accumulated a large number of backlinks, it is conceivable that you have been removed from the search engine's list of directories to which you were sending your content.

It’s a lot more complex but essentially in 2021 the same principles still apply:

Quality Content: The quality of the content you produce is of particular interest to Google. In an ideal environment, your material would be authoritative and relevant to the keywords for which you are attempting to rank; however, directories are now being used to accomplish this goal as well. Getting your website or blog included in directories is still significant, but their authority has been diminished slightly as a result of the fact that they are not as frequently used for SEO purposes. Is the content on your website of the highest possible quality? The greater the popularity of your material, the greater the authority you have, and the greater the popularity of your content, the greater the number of links you will receive. This, on the other hand, can get extremely complicated. The very first step is to look for duplicate material on the website. Google will pick up on duplicate content, so you must examine each and every page. You must also ensure that you only have authoritative content on your website. It is simple to write content, but you must ensure that it is authoritative and has authority. The more you ensure that your content is authoritative and has authority, the faster and easier it will be to get results.

Study: You must conduct thorough research into the directories to which you intend to submit your work. How do you tell which directories are the most relevant when there are millions of them available online? Before you decide to submit, conduct thorough research. Check the directory comments to see if anyone else has previously submitted, examine the category to see if there is anything similar to your site, and so on. You must be aware of the directories that are being utilised; it is no longer sufficient to say, “We'll construct a connection and be listed.” It has become significantly more complicated, with each stage requiring additional time and effort.

High PR sites: If Google provides you with high PR links, you will do well. This will aid in your link building efforts, and you will get rapid rankings as the PR of your site rises. As the PR of your site rises, so does the authority of your site.

Links: Link popularity and authority are gained through links; the more authoritative a link is, the more authority the site to which it is linked will have; you will not get as many links overnight; however, one good link will grow into many, and as the site links to your site, the links become more significant; if you have a large number of high-quality links, this will give you a competitive advantage.

The link is by far the most important part of SEO, the more authority you have the higher your page rank will be

As you build your link profile, you will receive additional links in return. The greater the number of connections a site receives to your site, the more authority the site will have, and the greater the number of links you receive, the more authority you will have, and the more noticeable you will become.

Connect building is the most important factor in establishing authority; the more links you receive, the more authority you will have; the more sites that link to your site, the more visible you will be in the search engine results.

Targeted links

The ranks will be improved if a high-quality site connects to yours and your site has a high PageRank (PR). Try to target sites that are unique to your site, such as those that are specific to your product, your location, or a particular style. The more a website is tailored to your needs, the better.

As a general rule, the more links a site has to your site, the better. This does not apply to every site, but it does apply to the vast majority of them.

Targeted links can make a significant difference in your search engine rankings, so narrow your attention to a certain area, target specific products, and include targeted anchors in your links.

Although targeted anchor text might help you rank higher in the search results, it should be relevant to your site and, preferably, include the keyphrase or niche you are targeting.

Within your own website, inbound links are links that point to another page on your website; the better the quality of these links, the higher your page rank will be; it is important to keep your inbound links relevant to your site and to include the keyphrase or niche phrase that describes what your site is about; the better the quality of your inbound links, the higher your site will rank.

In order to benefit from linking to sites that are already highly ranked on your own site, try to target certain pages within the site and link to pages that are comparable to those on your own site.

In addition to the search engines, there are other methods that can be used to determine the relevance of a website. However, it is critical to determine the relevance of a website, and using search engines to determine relevancy is a very effective approach to increase your ranks.

What are directories in SEO?

Directories are collections of websites. These websites are linked together and can be found simply by typing in the URL or a domain name and that site into a search engine. There are thousands of websites that are not as search engine friendly but still have a web presence.

Are directories good for SEO?

Search engines are moving away from the assumption that directories such as Yahoo or DMOZ are indexing sites, and they are gaining a strong negative connotation among webmasters as a result of this shift in thinking. Although not all directories are created equal, those that are properly indexed can help you rank higher in search engine results while also providing significant backlinks to your website.

How do I submit my website to a free directory?

You can submit your website to a free directory by filling out their online submission form or calling the phone number listed on the directory's home page, which is available on their website. The offline directory submission technique is also available for those who wish to participate.

Are Web Directories still relevant for SEO in 2021?

The process of search engine optimization is continual, as opposed to a one-time event. For effective outcomes to be noticed, a process of continuous improvement and refining must be carried out on a regular basis. Among the most recent methodologies to be adopted by a large number of webmasters is Web Directories.

How do I submit my website to online directories?

There are a number of online directories to which you may submit your website for the purpose of being listed on their website. The directories that you submit to on the main directory site will be included in the listings for the other directories and citations sites as well.

If you would like to submit your site into web directory on very old, good domains (from 2006) here is a shortlist you can use:

These directories are from 2006

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