How to Get a Good Gym Workout With a Personal Trainer

If you want to work out in the gym, hiring a personal trainer is a terrific approach to increasing your general fitness level. A personal trainer will give you a selection of workouts as well as a plan tailored to your specific goals. Some trainers like to spice things up by offering different versions of workouts, while others stick to more classic activities.

Exercises to incorporate into a workout

When planning a gym routine, it is critical to carefully choose exercises and ensure that they are scalable. The primary exercises will provide the most benefit to clients, but the weights, reps, and sets must be carefully calculated. A personal trainer can tailor an exercise to a client's specific demands.

A personal trainer can assist you in selecting the finest exercises for your gym routine. Compound motions, aerobic training, and mobility exercises are all common components of the most successful exercises. The personal trainer will also have a wide range of exercises for people of different fitness levels. It is preferable to start slowly and gradually progress to more strenuous movements.

good gym excercises with personal trainer

Strength and power workouts, in general, should come before hypertrophy or endurance activities. This is because you can only develop a muscle's strength when it is close to 100% ready. Muscles that are exhausted can only deliver 70-80% of their maximum force and will not elicit a strength adaptation.


When it comes to boosting your fitness, a personal trainer can be beneficial. They should be able to tell you exactly what you need to do at the gym to meet your objectives. Your personal trainer may help you enhance your performance in any exercise, such as deadlifting or curling. A typical session will begin with a thorough warm-up and conclude with some stretching and flexibility. They will also review your routines and make suggestions for your next session.

Range of repetitions

It is best to employ the appropriate rep range during your training session. While a one-rep-max is the ultimate goal, it should not be your only goal. Working your way up to a higher rep range can help you increase hypertrophy and strength. In general, a rep range of 5-10 is ideal. If you're working on specific muscle parts or simply building strength, you might want to attempt a lower RIR.

Good personal trainer-led gym workouts will alter rep ranges to help you gain strength and endurance. A wider rep range allows you to lift bigger weights and perform more reps with the same weight. This keeps muscle growth going and prevents stagnation. You may ensure that you'll reach your objective in a safe and effective method by adjusting the rep range.

Knowing your customers' rep range is critical for building a workout plan that maximises outcomes. Your client's goals should be attainable, so make sure the workouts are suited for their level of experience. Otherwise, they may believe they aren't working hard enough and give up before making any progress. When creating a workout plan, the rep range should be used as a tempo and set sizes starting point.

While you may not see spectacular benefits right away, a 3-6 rep range can lead to increased strength and muscular hypertrophy. This rep range is ideal for both beginners and advanced athletes. Use workouts with five to ten reps for optimum results.

Warm-up exercises

Warm-up motions are one of the most important activities you can do before beginning a hard workout. These motions serve to prepare the muscles and joints for the upcoming work. The lateral sling stretch is one of these exercises. This exercise is excellent for increasing the range of motion in your shoulders and preparing them for upper-body motions.

A personal training session's warm-up should be progressive, starting with fundamental activities and progressing to more complex ones. Depending on the client's objectives, these warm-ups can be general or particular. A general warm-up could, for example, consist of a sequence of body weight activities, jumping rope, or cycling. Jogging on a treadmill may be a nice option for some customers. Jogging raises core body temperature but only activates the lower body.

Breathing exercises should be included in a specialised warm-up. A good nasal breath distributes the most oxygenated blood throughout the body, improving performance. This breathing method can be particularly effective when combined with movement. It has a spiritual and relaxing influence on your nervous system, in addition to increasing your performance.

When completing warm-up activities in the gym, take your time and do them thoroughly. Try four to five different movements for 30 to 60 seconds each. Each exercise should target a distinct body component and work on it one at a time.

Avoidance exercises

Deadlifts and squats should be avoided by inexperienced lifters. Work out with a trained personal trainer who can guide you in the appropriate form instead. This will protect you from injury. You should also avoid exercising if you are ill. You may be exposed to bacteria and organisms that are harmful to your health, and you may even aggravate your illness by overworking yourself.

Many workouts benefit your health, but they are not appropriate for all body types. Ab machines, for example, make it tough for your abs to activate. You should exercise on a machine that activates your core muscles.

Apps that allow you to exercise with a personal trainer

Consider one of the many applications that will help you get in shape if you want to work out without a gym membership's cost and time commitment. Some apps include personal trainers and videos, while others provide self-paced workouts. Body Pump is an excellent example. It lets you personalise your workouts with videos and audio. It also provides feedback on your form and allows you and your coach to discuss certain exercises.

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