Quality Safes in Cambridge

Cambridge Quality Safes Always store your jewellery, money, valuables, and sentimental items in a safe. With a safe, you can be confident that even if a burglar gains entry to your home, he will not be able to steal valuable items.

Criminals are increasingly turning to online marketplaces to move large amounts of stolen goods quickly and discreetly. Unfortunately, these criminal networks are becoming more daring and violent, putting customers' and employees' safety at risk.

Benn Lock And Safe Ltd is Cambridge's leading provider of home safes, fire safes, and commercial safes. Join the thousands of homeowners who have found peace of mind by investing in a personal safe. People buy safes from Benn Lock and Safe Ltd because of the quality, dependability, and service.

The online reviews will show why our residential and commercial safes have such high customer satisfaction ratings. Nothing beats a safe that provides value and features at an affordable price. You've come to the right place if you want to buy a safe.

Quality Safes in Cambridge

If you're looking for Quality Safes in Cambridge, you've come to the right place.

Burglars can see your weak points if your safe can be knocked over. As a result, we include a retrofit service with each safe installation. We secure your safe to your home or business so it cannot be moved. As a result, your safe becomes what it should be: a secure location to store your valuables.

Safes are one of Benn Lock and Safe Ltd's specialities, so we have an impressive selection of safes for your home or business. A medicine safe will make your home safer, especially if you have children. To avoid poisoning, you'll be able to keep medicines safe and secure. If you regularly store medicines that are only for sale in your business, a medicine safe will make it more difficult for them to be stolen.

A high-quality home safe is preferable to a portable, lightweight safe. It is difficult to move or reposition, as well as difficult to steal or tamper with. You should make it difficult for anyone to move your safe if you want to store your valuables. The weight of a safe can also indicate its quality. When you purchase a lighter safe, you can be confident that the manufacturers used minimal metal in its construction. As a result, it may be simple to break.

If you are considering purchasing a safe, keep in mind that if a burglar breaks into your home, a safe is your last defence in preventing your valuables from being stolen.

If you want to keep your gold in a safe, make sure the safe is in good condition. Make sure your safe can withstand a house fire or the intense scrutiny of a few professional burglars. Home safes are excellent for keeping valuable documents and jewellery safe from intruders.

The location of a home safe is primarily determined by what you want to protect, how frequently you need to access it, the size and type of safe required, and the amount of space available in your home. The options are numerous, but the common denominator is usually to make it as accessible as you need it to be for access while making it difficult for intruders or others to find or steal.

Aside from the financial loss of stolen valuables, home theft has other, more troubling consequences. As if losing your valuables wasn't bad enough, thieves can steal documents from your home that contain highly sensitive information that could be used to commit other crimes such as identity theft or fraud. When you store your valuables and documents in a safe deposit box, you can rest assured that your valuables and your identity/accounts are safe.

A solid safe makes all the difference when it comes to home security. The safe is always the last line of defence, regardless of alarm systems, dogs, keypads, or other security measures. Because it is where you keep your most valuable items, selecting the right safe is critical.

Purchasing a safe provides you with peace of mind and assurance that your valuables are safe and will not be harmed. Benn Lock and Safe Ltd provide a variety of home safes, ranging from small, concealed jewellery safes to larger, more comprehensive storage options for data, money, and documents. Call a member of our team today to discuss your home security requirements.

While a bank safe is a good place to keep important documents, if you're like most people, you have items you'd rather keep at home. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, and other important documents should always be kept in a fireproof safe to avoid destruction in the event of a house fire. Purchasing a safe is an essential component of your home security system.

The cash rating required for insurance is perhaps the most important thing to know before purchasing a new safe. Cash ratings are used by insurance companies to properly evaluate the terms of the insurance plans they offer, and they are used to rate security safes.

The cash rating simply indicates how much money or jewellery (valuables) the insurer will cover in the event of theft. This is extremely useful because an insurance company, for example, will cover up to £1,000 in cash if it is stolen from your home. If, on the other hand, you have a safe with a cash value of £10,000 and keep cash in it, you will be covered for that amount.

Benn Lock and Safe Ltd have a team of experts with over 40 years of experience and knowledge in the safe and security industry. We have provided numerous businesses and homes with security and peace of mind products since our inception in 1977. Benn Lock and Safe Ltd is Cambridge's safe and security product specialist, providing expert advice, supply, installation, and sales.

We sell a wide variety of safes, including office safes and fireproof safes, as well as home safes and deposit safes. Our goal is to give you the best advice possible to get the best product for your needs. Even if you believe a locked desk drawer or metal filing cabinet is an appropriate place to store IDs, important documents, jewellery, passports, and other valuables, it is always better to take extra precautions with a fireproof safe.

Our product line includes all of the household names. Depending on your preferences, inquire about our high-quality biometric, digital, combination, and key safes. Many are small enough to conceal in a cupboard or pantry, keeping your belongings safe and out of sight.

Jewellery, cash, and other valuables are always kept safe in home security safes. With one, you can protect valuable items from theft if burglars target your home. Invest in a home security safe to store all of your valuables for peace of mind and added security.

When you keep items in a safe, you are not only keeping them safe from intruders. Other factors to consider include waterproofing and water resistance. It is best to ensure that your belongings are safe in the event of a flood or fire in the home. Every homeowner's dream should be to have a fireproof safe.

In England and Wales, in 1981, there were 749,000 burglaries or attempted burglaries; in 2010, there were 659,000. There were 373,000 cases of burglars taking goods from homes three decades ago; last year there were 276,000. Burglaries have decreased most sharply in larger homes because security measures such as safes, alarms, and video surveillance systems have greatly improved, reflecting that owners are wealthy, often international, and security-conscious.

It's a fact.

It is true that not all safes are created equal. Remember, your safety should be well protected against theft and burglary. It is best to consider how much security is required for your needs and environment. Some safes provide fire protection but no protection against burglars and thieves.

Benn Lock and Safe Ltd sell safes that are protected against both scenarios. Remember to keep your valuables out of reach of your children. Your home safe, whether a compound safe or an impregnable safe, should provide some protection against various types of forces.

Jewelry, cash, and other valuables are always kept safe in home security safes. You can use such a device to protect valuable items from theft if burglars target your home. Invest in a home security safe to store all of your valuables for peace of mind and added security.

Benn Lock and Safe now offer a rapid response emergency locksmith service in Peterborough, Stamford and Huntingdon as far as 45 miles from PE1 – Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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Quality Safes in Cambridge

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