Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating Charts a Course for Future Success with Key Appointments

Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating of Chatsworth, California, has just announced the employment of two important people to increase operational efficiency and improve the customer experience. The firm has reached a major new milestone with this announcement, which should improve its ability to serve both residential and commercial customers in the San Fernando Valley and throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

New Blood and Old Faithful

The new hires are a blend of recognizable faces and seasoned veterans. After many years of service at Service Genius, James Raymond was recently elevated to the position of vice president of marketing and sales. Raymond spent over 15 years as the General Sales Manager for John L. Sullivan Chevrolet before transitioning to the HVAC industry. His rapid promotion reflects both his dedication to the organization and his aptitude for taking on new challenges.

Mike Casey, a relative newcomer to the Service Genius staff, represents the other extreme. The Commercial Sales Accounts department now reports to Casey. Throughout his twenty-plus-year commercial sales career, he has sold HVAC equipment and managed preventive maintenance contracts, among other things. He brings a wealth of knowledge and is a great asset to the Service Genius team.

As the company's creator, Bill Raymond, put it, “These are key jobs here at Service Genius, and we couldn't be happier for what these two guys will offer to our business. It bodes well for the future of Service Genius in the LA area.

A Commitment to Quality Service

Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating is well-known for its high-quality AC maintenance and repair services for both commercial and residential properties. The company's success can be attributed in part to the high quality of the equipment it uses. This dedication has made them stand out from the competition by guaranteeing the finest quality in every service they do.

The organization cares more about client happiness than just providing the right equipment and furnishings. Notably, unlike many competitors, they use cutting-edge technology to assess the quality of the air within a building. Before declaring their work done, the Service Genius team conducts a battery of tests that speaks to their dedication to quality.

Convenience and Accessibility

When it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, time is of the importance, thus the firm provides a number of conveniences. Same-day and around-the-clock availability means a repairperson can visit your location within hours of you reporting an issue. Surprisingly, no matter the size or complexity of a client's project, they may always take advantage of this speedy service.

The firm also provides next-day installs for clients who wish to upgrade their equipment. This drastically reduces the time needed to get a new system operational from weeks or even days to just a few short hours. Because of the company's efforts to accommodate consumers' busy schedules, dealing with them is a breeze.

Looking Ahead

Expanding its presence in the HVAC market, Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating is always on the lookout for methods to enhance its foundational offerings and the quality of its interactions with customers. With these new hires, the firm is poised to enter a period of strategic expansion and refinement, taking it to new heights in the face of intense competition.

Contact Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating through phone, email, or their official website to learn more about their wide range of air conditioning and heating services.

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